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Creating cakes

3D cakes_rubber ducky and bathtub birthday cake

I often get asked: How do you make such great cakes? What is your secret? Custom cakes don’t need to be a mystery.

First off, have a cake sit up off of the base of the cake board (note that the tub is sitting on top of a riser that is trimmed with black fondant) gives the illusion of being suspended.  This is the trick to car cakes as well.

I bake a round cake and square cake of the same diameter (6” round and 6” square). The bath tub is made by taking a round cake and cutting into half. Then taking each half of the round cake and put on either side of the square to create a rounded rectangle.  You can leave it like this, but I like to contour the sides so it’s wider at the top and more tapered at the bottom.

The rubber ducky is make using rice crispy treats (yes like the kind you make at home with marshmallows, butter and rice cereal) and then shaped like a rubber ducky. Let the crisps harden, then refine the shape with a serrated knife. Cover the duck with fondant and what I do is wet the fondant first, before covering the duck.  I don’t put royal icing under the fondant and absolutely do not use buttercream on the rice crispy treats. IT WILL GET SOGGY. Instead, apply two -thinner layers of fondant.

The first layer will fill in the rough spots. Don’t worry about wrinkles and puckering. Just keep smoothing with your fingers, smoothers or even your small nylon rolling pin. The second layer needs a bit more TLC but it’s easier.  Just wet the first layer with a bit of water (I use a small paint brush).

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