Let’s Make Cake! Fill it up!
  • Classic Vanilla
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Marble
  • Lemon
  • Banana
  • Carrot
  • Red Velvet
  • Caramel
  • Vanilla Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Chocolate Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Strawberry Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Raspberry Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Lemon Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Mocha Buttercream (Italian Meringue)
  • Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate Ganache
  • Cream Cheese Icing
  • Cookies n Cream Buttercream
  • Traditional American Style buttercream (Frosting)
  • Salted Caramel and Italian Meringue Buttercream

Most of my cakes are covered with rolled fondant, a sugar paste with a smooth finish, making the cake a perfect canvas for creativity. Italian Meringue buttercream is different from a traditional “frosting type”buttercream because it is made with boiling sugar, egg whites and butter. It is not overly sweet or gritty. If you have a very sweet tooth, choose a fudge, cream cheese or traditional buttercream.

How do I order a cake and what is your specialty?

There are several considerations to discuss when ordering your cake. It is helpful if you have the following information handy when you contact me:

  • Date of event, time and location (indoor or outdoor event)
  • Theme/occasion (Baby shower, wedding, birthday, etc.)
  • Number of people the cake needs to feed
  • Your initial thoughts and ideas about your cake’s design
  • Your budget

Highly customized cakes are what I do. If you are looking for a “slab” cake or simple cake I may not the best resource. If however you are looking for a truly memorable cake experience, then you’ve come to the right place in Milton for a custom cake. Cake orders need to be confirmed with a deposit. Please contact me for the details of the deposit process.

How far in advance should I order a cake?

I will do my best to accommodate your request, but specialty cakes are labour-intensive. Because each cake requires a great deal of attention and several hours to be completed, I can only accept a limited number of cake orders each week. So the sooner you call, the better the chances of your date being available.

How much cake do I need to order?

That depends on what else you are serving at your event. If you are having a dessert table, then you can reduce the amount of cake to 50%-80% of your guest list depending on the amount of other food and sweets as well as when you are serving the cake. Otherwise budget for one slice per guest.

How much to your cakes cost?

That’s a tough question to answer because every cake is custom. The cost is based on the details first and serving size second. Details are things like sugar characters , flowers or complexity of the shape/structure and internal supports (tiered cakes and some 3D cakes require internal support). 

Single tier cake pricing starts at $100 minimum charge.

3D cake pricing starts at $150 minimum charge. 

Do you offer consultations and tastings?


I suggest scheduling an appointment to determine the design, flavours and details. Please email me using my contact form or call me at 416-275-7468.

Do you operate from a storefront?

Yes. I am located at 500 Steeles Avenue East in Milton, Ontario. Our kitchen is fully licensed and health inspected.